Calming one paw at a time because it’s Pawssible

Ease your furry friend’s heart and help them stay calm!

A calm and stress-free life awaits your furry friend!!

Calming Hemp Treats

With our little furry friend’s paw of approval, we present Calming Hemp Treats to calm their little hearts and build up their confidence. Our product is made with premium grade hemp, sourced from local farmers in the U.S. After CBD is extracted from the hemp plants, we go through various rounds of rigorous tests to make sure our product contains 0.0% THC. You can give this treat to your pet at ease knowing they will reap in all the benefits of it without any negative side effects. 



Introduce your dog to a world of peace through our Calming Hemp Treats.

Hemp can help your pet maintain calmness for various situations, including the common scenario like storms, loud noises, vet visit, separation issues, etc.

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Water-Soluble Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Powder

Pawssible is made with a veterinarian-approved formula to bring maximum effectiveness of CBD products with minimum dosage needed.

To put it simply, water-soluble means that the CBD molecules in our product are smaller compared with other CBD products. The smaller molecules allow for faster absorption, helping your dog stay calm and happy faster.



My mom’s not a huge advocate of medication for humans and pets so she tried to avoid bringing our 12 year old dachshund to get medication for her anxiety and fear of traveling in cars. This was a great alternative that my mom was happy about and they taste great - as per Molly.

Megan & Molly

My dog is my whole life so I don’t feed anything but treats made with all natural ingredients to her. After researching, I learned that the hemp are locally grown! Knowing that fact, it calmed me down. Giving the treat to my dog helped calm her separation issues whenever I leave for work.

Joanne S.

Unlike other CBD, this one contains no THC! Being a vet that I am, I’m particularly anal about the ingredient list for my pet. What I did notice is that this treat is water-soluble. It’s no wonder why this works so quickly on my pet! 

Sharon T.

Gabriel is such a picky eater and he wouldn’t take any medication or other dog treats for his hyperactivity. It would get bad to the point where he Nothing enticed him enough to eat the treats except for Pawssible! He enjoys eating it and doesn’t throw it back up.

Rebecca H.

My rescue dog has gone through a LOT in her short time being in this world but I’m so glad I found something that worked for her. During thunderstorms, her body would shake uncontrollably that causes her to throw up. Since giving her the treat, she has become more calm and settled her stomach issues. I fully support this to owners who are struggling to help their furry babies!

Carol W.

My dog used to be extremely anxious. She used to pace around the house aimlessly. I didn’t want to give her any medication due to the side effects so i gave cbd treats a try. The results were amazing!!! I’m so happy i’ve found pawssible!

Cheryl Werling

My dog is quite picky but he loooves his cbd treats!

Ariana S.

I’ve just started going back to work and i feel terrible leaving my dog, Charlie, alone at home. He has already dug through and destroyed 3 of our sofa cushions. I’ve searched some ways but it didn’t seem to work. I didn’t know what to do! One day my boyfriend gave Charlie a cbd treat and when i came home that day, our cushions were fine! 


I definitely see the difference. My husky isn’t as tense anymore. Thank you.

Adam Hicks

We have tried 2 other different products containing the hemp calming ingredients but this one works much faster. Much recommended.

Chris Garcia

This stuff does seem to calm my dog! :)

Heather Wright

We couldn't be more pleased, the products and services are absolutely fantastic!