4 Ways to Help Your Pet Reduce Anxiety without Medication

4 Ways to Help Your Pet Reduce Anxiety without Medication

4 Ways to Help Your Pet Reduce Anxiety without Medication

The feeling of helplessness from seeing our furry friend hurt is the worst feeling ever. Giving medication to our dogs offers a quick solution for our pet’s anxiety but it never really solves the underlying problem. In fact, medication has many negative side effects that many are not aware of. Because all dogs are different, the side effects can vary from small things, such as diarrhea, to something more severe, such as liver, kidney, and sometimes even heart failure. It’s always best to do your research and talk to your vet to understand the medication you’re considering giving your pet. 

In the meantime while you do your research for your pet, we have a few alternatives that may help your furry friend reduce anxiety without the medication.


1. Calming Coat

A calming coat, thunder vest, anxiety shirt, compression strap -- you get the idea. We already treat our furry friend like our own baby, and that’s exactly the concept of this! Wrapping them in something secure provides more protection and security to them. It’s the same idea as swaddling a baby, except we want our furry friend to be able to walk. There’s a ton of calming coats out there and there’s really no clear winner. Depending on your dog size, different brands may work better for your dogs.


2. Essential Oils

A more neutral approach we think is worth a try is essential oils. If you are a frequent user yourself, there’s no harm to give it a try. Lavender and chamomile are common ones that are known to reduce stress and promote calming. The next time when you use essential oils, bring your dog into the room and let them inhale a few breaths.


3. CBD products

This option we’re a huge fan of, mainly because it’s a natural way to help our furry friend relieve stress and anxiety. Do be wary of ones that contain THC because that’s no good for our pets. We recommend ones that are THC-free and water-soluble for easy absorption. Pawssible’s Calming Hemp Treat checks all the boxes for you when it comes to CBD treats for our doggies. It’s labeled broad spectrum, meaning THC-free, so you can give this to your dog without the stress! It’s hemp ingredient is water-soluble so it allows for easy absorption of all the benefits of CBD. And lastly, the hemp is sourced from local U.S. farmers! Everything in one small treat that’s readily available to calm our pets and put our minds at ease. 


4. Walk it off

Sometimes when all else fails, taking your dog out for a walk could very well do the trick. Just like when we’re stressed, we go to the gym to sweat it out, so why can’t our dogs do the same thing? Taking them for a walk or a light jog could help them take their mind off of being anxious. And it’s great for them to get their jitters out!