About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a stress-free life for our little furry baby because they mean the world to us. And to them, we are their whole world. How can we not shower them with the best of everything? 

We believe in pushing boundaries and asking the question ‘why?’ to many things to give our pets the very best. If humans can benefit from CBD, why can’t our pets? That was what sparked the tinder to our product. The journey was rough but through trials and tribulations, we’ve made the impossible, Pawssible.

Our People

We have an extensive background in a wide range of knowledge. From pet nutrition, to pet health, to philosophy, to social science, to business management, to art history, we’re a team that’s very well-rounded. What links us all together is the love we have for our pets. 

With such a diverse background comes the various types of pet owners. We’re dog lovers, cat lovers, amphibian lovers, rabbit lovers, hamster lovers, you name it! 

Our brand came to be through our love for our babies. There are too many pets out there that need our love and deserve the world but are prevented from having that through trauma or various other factors. 

As a famous song asks, ‘where is the love?’ Our answer is: The love is here, at Pawssible. 

Our Product

We are the founders but also the customers. We wouldn’t want our pets consuming anything they shouldn’t so there’s no reason for us to put anything like that in our product. Our proprietary formula has been vetted by our veterinarians, bringing a delicious and effective treat for your furry friend.