1.Is CBD safe for my pet?

Yes. CBD is safe for your pet as long as there is no THC. THC is what is toxic for your pets. Our calming hemp treat contains 0.0% THC so you can feed your pet at ease!

2.Does this treat contain any THC?

None at all. That’s why we’re proud to label our product as broad spectrum, meaning it contains no trace of THC. 

3.What is ‘broad spectrum’?

You’ll often hear a CBD product is either full spectrum or broad spectrum. Full spectrum CBD product contains traces of THC whereas a broad spectrum contains no THC. 

4.Why is THC bad for pets?

THC is what causes the high feeling from cannabis and it is toxic for pets. You’ll find THC in full spectrum CBD products but there are no THC in broad spectrum. 

5.Is hemp the same as marijuana?

The difference between hemp and marijuana is the legal amount of THC within the plant. Marijuana contains more than 0.3% of THC while hemp contains less than 0.3% of THC. Within hemp, there are 2 types -- broad spectrum and full spectrum. Full spectrum still contains traces of THC whereas broad spectrum contains no THC. 

6.What happens when my pet takes too much of this product?

If your pet accidentally has one too many of these tasty treats, they may show symptoms such as vomiting, incoordination, lethargy or urinary issues. These are normal reactions and there is nothing to over worry about. You’ll need to give it some time for these symptoms to subside and your dog should start to feel better and be more like themselves. If after some time the symptoms don’t subside, then you should call your vet to walk through what happened. 

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